The Salt Company is a brand introduced by siblings on the edges of “land of five rivers” i.e. Punjab.
We know that salt plays a crucial role in maintaining human health. It is the main source of sodium and chloride ions in the human diet. Nowadays, people are self-aware of the health benefits and firmly believe that health is the real wealth.

Most people take in more sodium than they need. Almost all of it comes from salt. But here’s the rub: between 75% and 90% of sodium in the average diet comes from prepared or processed food, and most food companies don’t use iodized salt. It makes more sense to get your iodine from food rather than getting it in. processed way.

So for a better & a healthy intake, we should just shift our preferences to a more traditional and a highly valued ” Sendha Namak “. We all must be very familiar with the name as it comes from the previous generations. And no doubt about the fact that they lived a 75% healthier lifestyle than we are living today.
The Salt company comes up with the idea of creating awareness and replacing artificial ingredients in white salt with our very famous “Pink Salt. “

We assure the best quality of our salt and also it comes without any food adulteration. To gain consumer’s trust we have undergone the following checkpoints:-

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